Setting Intention With Feng Shui

Over the years, Feng Shui is gradually becoming a passion for me.  It is always something new to learn, whether it is concepts of getting Qi flowing in my space, or just learning different sectors that affect me from day to day.  Mostly, Feng Shui represents a large part of understanding myself within my environment.  It is sometimes confusing, but it is interesting each years that comes along the difference in what I am learning that adds to that I already know about harmonizing with my environment.  That is not all there is to Feng Shui.  Feng Shui consists a lot about our eternal state within our environment.

Today, a revelation came to me about setting intentions after hearing something a speaker was saying on the topic of focus.  It was interesting to hear her say that even though we may know something we do want, focusing on what we do not want is a more prone way we spend our time on average.  A lot goes on here within our subconscious while we are going about our day to day activities while thinking about what we do not want that would take more time than just a simple article to explain.  From time to time, I will offer an example to make things simpler to understand the meaning behind what I am about to explain about getting our intentions set in such a way that we see results.

You may have an opinion that comes to you as I am explaining what I am about to tell you.  I do not doubt this for it is human nature to question what another is telling us about ourselves.  We may even approach certain subjects with resistance, especially when someone is telling us something about ourselves we feel we know more about.  While I explain what I understand about setting intentions, I ask that you for a moment suspend your disbelief or resistance just long enough to consider the perspective I am about to share with you.  After you are finished reading this article, you of course will either disagree or agree, but while you are within the words of this I am writing, I want you to stay on the same page with me just so you grasp the content better.

To begin, I want to share with you an example of someone who grows up in an environment where there is ridicule.  Maybe from a parent or a sibling, words that seem to take on an energy within our being that contradicts what we want to believe about ourselves.  For a long time into my studies for obtaining my bachelor degree in Psychology, I was wrestling with the idea that our environment can form our behaviors against our will.  However, I did finally accept the idea simply because there are some situations that are beyond our control that we have to either accept or learn to better manage.  As youngsters, we do not have the wisdom of knowing we can form positive perspectives around negative situations, so we tend to make a decision about certain areas involving our identity in this world that does not serve us in the latter part of our lives.

We are taught in college or psychology, that up to the age of seven years old, we are like an empty or new canvas being formed by the environment in which we live and it is occurring with our ignorance of it happening.  That is , from the moment we are born until age seven, our behavior is forming based on those internal beliefs about ourselves within our environment that goes on to guide us all during our lives, unless, we learn how we function as an organism that has the capacity to retrain ourselves and our beliefs.  Which is easier to believe?  Someone who is a bully is just a mean person that does not care about anyone but themselves, or someone who is afraid inside or has a low self esteem problem? 

Chances are that if you were bullied by someone when you were young, you recall that person as aggressive and down right mean to the core.  The truth is we began to feel fear of that person and gave up our power to them when they were around, and more than likely we have associations within our subconscious that will warn us even to this day when we are around that object of association.  Even thought hat person may live on another planet today, we still carry that energy about that person within us whether it is anger, frustration, fear, or anxiety. 

Without going into great detail about associations, if that person were wealthy, we may associate wealth with aggression and losing our power, or being venerable.  Guess what?  We may end up living poor or middle class unable to progress any further until we learn how to let go of the inner beliefs about ourselves and our past experiences with those associations that cause havoc in our lives.  The reason I am explaining associations and inner beliefs about ourselves is for good reason.  While we are setting our intention in Feng Shui, if we are carrying disbelief too strongly and we set an intention, we will inadvertently attract the opposite of our intention.

So, it is important to free yourself of negative thoughts and beliefs around the area you set your intention in order to maintain good energy while focusing on your intention.  For example, in Feng shui there is something we call a bagua.  It is a graph of eight squares with three on top, three in the middle, and three on the bottom.  Each one of these squares represents and important part of our life.  For example, the top left square represents our wealth.  By supper imposing this bagua over our space, home, or office, wherever the wealth square lands is considered our wealth area of that space.  So when you walk into your office space the far left corner of that space represents your wealth area.

In Feng Shui, we can place items in that area with an intention that can help us manifest more harmony in our wealth.  Yes, this even means opening the flow in your life concerning more money coming into your life.  There are no boundaries on this idea unless you place them there.  For example, if you grew up accepting the belief that money does not grow on trees or you have to work hard for your money then that will be a boundary for you.  That is ok when setting intentions with Feng Shui, because you can inadvertently work around those beliefs.  While it is easier to work with a free conscious on whatever topic you are setting an intention, you can still set an intention that will work for you.

Most importantly, while you are setting your intention, you must feel within you whether there is negative feelings or emotions involving the intention you are setting.  This may take practice to overcome the negative feeling or vibration, but you can and I will explain how to set an intention that will produce better results for you.  When you are focusing on your wealth area, you want to clear out everything that represents negativity or anything that does not represent what you believe to be wealth.  Dust, dying plants, or garbage cans are a few examples.  Once the area is clear or clean, take an item that gives you the feeling of wealth as you see it and set it in the wealth area.  An example I read once was a plant that had round leaves that as I watered I would imagine the whole world wealthy and happy.

The idea of the item that you set there is the intention you are feeling behind its representation of wealth.  It is not something that you worship or that will all the sudden turn to gold, but it is something that grabs your attention and helps you to eternally release resistance to having more wealth in your life.  If you notice the item as you enter your space and it cause you to feel resistance then it will inadvertently work against you.  So, you can set your intention as placing the item there to remind you that you too can be wealthy.  This is a more positive intention starter.  You can add to this that you believe that you are increasing in wealth on a daily, weekly, monthly rate because this item reminds you that you can also increase in wealth.

If you notice this item and it prompts a negative feeling or thought, you will have to work a little more to find something that resonates with you, opening up your mind and your optimism, so you can begin to see the subtle changes over time.  You do not have to share with anyone what the item represents, and it can be any item that represents wealth to you.  I hope this has been helpful to the idea of setting intention that brings good results.  The main thing is that while you are setting this intention, you are overcoming any beliefs that are lodged in your subconscious from others or past experiences, so that the possibilities can flow throughout your belief system and into your life.

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