FSE 001: What is a salt water cure in Feng Shui?

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Feng Shui for July 7- August 7 2013

Amy Yvonne Thompson – Amy Yvonne Thompson’s Podcast – Feng Shui for July 2013Amy Yvonne Thompson – Amy Yvonne Thompson’s Podcast – Feng Shui for July 2013Amy Yvonne Thompson – Amy Yvonne Thompson’s Podcast – Feng Shui for July 2013Amy Yvonne Thompson – Amy Yvonne Thompson’s Podcast – Feng Shui for July 2013

Personal Beauty Care and Today’s Science Technology



Science is making a tremendous difference in the beauty industry and the benefits are showing up in more than one or two problem areas (Christiansen, 2012). Problems and issues with skin, hair, and nails was something that science and technology were limited years ago. The fountain of youth was something of a biological truth for a long time in our history, but today, we have an edge on aging skin problems, as well as, other issues that allows us to combat losing some of the advantages that only youth offered in recent years.

I can testify that when I was younger I was blessed with a great biological makeup. I did not have to worry about having long pretty nails. As I grew into my forties, I was facing issues with weakening nails. Science and technology is able to offer hope that was not available when my mother reached her forties. I can remember her struggling in her forties with brittle nails and aging skin concerns. She spent countless time and money trying various over the counter products, as well as, private companies that offered products to the general public which was limited and did not make much of a difference. I am fortunate to have access to products and technology that can offer me effective lasting results, but I think companies and service providers are just as grateful to the new frontier of the beauty industry. They have products and equipment to work with concerning treating skin and nail problems that offer lasting healthy results.

When I was younger I did not have to do much to keep long nails. My nails were strong and grew easily. Because of my genetics, my nails are weakening which makes my nails curl under from typing. I enjoy having nice nails, but my work negatively affects my aging nails giving me low self confidence. Typical nail products do not help, such as nail strengthener, so I was beginning to wonder if there were any answers without me having to go through the disappointment my mother went through trying to have nice nails. My nails grow fast, so acrylic nails were not the answer for me because of the frequent fill-ins. When my daughter introduced me to shellac nails she discovered at her local nail salon, and I did not know the impact it would have on my problem. I was not only able to reclaim healthy looking and strong nails, but I was amazed at how the products and technology came together to offer me such wonderful hope. Within a matter of thirty minutes, simple nail polish strokes and light treatment on my nails gave me confidence in showing my nails again. It really opened my eyes to the advantages I have today for improving myself image and my self esteem. Being forty does not have to mean a terrible sentence of doom and gloom when it comes to beauty and health.

I am studying more today on ways that local salons and spa treatments offer me advantages over my aging skin as well. I am considering having microdermabrasion to counteract aging skin spots, and wrinkles. Microdermabrasion is a technique using small wand like instruments that skim the surface to exfoliate the skin layers. It such a gentle treatment that dentist are using this technology to help remove stains from teeth. The great thing about microdermabrasion is that it can help stimulate collagen production helping me combat my aging skin issues. What I enjoy also about this service is that it is available through a local spa by licensed aestheticians, and I can take advantage of this service during my lunch hour. I can even go back to work right after treatment (American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 2012).

Hair removal is another advantage science and technology has given us with the use of electrolysis. Those wild eyebrow shapes that I probably inherited from my grandfather are a thing of the past. I do not have to fight with them every month through plucking them only to have them return in a couple of weeks because electrolysis therapy removes the hair at the root. It is a painless treatment with minimal if any side effects (Jaliman, MD, 2012).

It is nice to know that today we have so many available options with lasting results against the forces of aging and harmful elements due to the advances in marriage of science and technology. In fact, many of those options are available at local salons and spas at a fraction of the cost of having to see a physician for treatment. Scheduling is convenient, and treatments are affordable offering results that last. Not only can I take time for me, but I can benefit from amazing products and services that are available to anyone. Personal beauty care has taken on a new dimension of effective treatments and product solutions. It is wise to ask about services available through local salons and spa treatment centers; because I am sure there is a miracle for everyone just waiting to happen.


Cameo College of Essential Beauty

Want a rewarding career in the beauty industry?



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Training, Technology, and Beauty: Passing on the Professionalism


Behind every memorable artist or professional lies a great mentor.  Having the creative ability to share your expertise with your client means you are a professional beauty health service provider.  Where this professionalism begins depends on the quality of mentorship.  As the client, the difference between visits to a beauty professional consultant is whether or not that provider has the knowledge, skill, and expertise necessary for maintaining and building upon your professional image. Beauty is not only skin deep, but it encompasses the knowledge base on self care catered to your unique biological, as well, as current career image needs.

Beginning Path to Successful Professionalism

At the heart of any professional is an individual who seeks out the initial instruction that gives a sound foundation of success. It is easy to form habits, but it is difficult to change them once they are established.  This is why it is crucial for gaining momentum professionally by initially forming the best clinical habits and expertise.  Knowledge of innovative products and technological experience further increases your professionalism, and it is critical to your experience as a professional beauty health service provider. With core expertise training, you can feel confident in your level of experience because you have the best quality training available.

As a client, you know you are ahead of the game regarding your professional image in the world because of the professionalism of your beauty health provider. How you represent yourself and others depends on your impression toward those you need support and business. You depend on your beauty health provider to help. You need him or her to continually support your professional image. Why trust someone who lacks the knowledge and experience that can ultimately put you below the image of your competitor?

Critical Thinking and Managerial Ability

It is necessary for you as a professional to have knowledge and skill that expands upon the success of your business. It can make the difference in your adaptability in an ever changing profession of beauty health expertise. Having the ability to adapt with your clients changing needs means the difference in whether he or she comes back or refers you to other clients.

For example, does your business card reach a potential client on his or her level of current need? How will you know? Managerial expertise is part of being successful in today’s beauty health industry. Where you learn these skills will either place you and your business ahead or behind in today’s beauty industry. Another example, managing your prices for service may mean the difference in whether your business stays ahead of today’s market in providing for your clients beauty health needs. Knowing the quality of your service means you are not afraid to charge what you are worth because you know you are the best at what you offer. You have the training you need to forge ahead.

As a client, you know that you get what you pay for and it is easier to pay more for something that expands upon your own success. Your investment gives back a rewarding return. Time and efficiency in keeping your image in today’s fast pace makes you proud to compensate your beauty health advisor. It is a win win situation.

Creativity and Beyond

You know how to apply your expertise training with the products and innovative technological training you have to offer, and your knowledge is ever increasing the benefits of your client. With the right training, you are now fine tuning your talent against your experience and knowledge. Your competitors take notice of your increasing success and wonder what gives you the advantage. You are innovative, creative, and talented because you have invested in expertise training that is comparison to none. You are an artist at design, business, and communication. You know what it takes to keep your clients coming back for your service.

As a client, you are excited to share information about your connection to a leading beauty health provider. You know what works for you, and you are ready to give credit where credit is due. It is your pleasure to help increase the success of those who support you in your endeavors; another win win situation.

Doing the research to find the best training to meet today’s increasing and yet changing needs in the beauty health industry is crucial to your overall success. It can mean everything regarding the quality and efficiency of service you possess and offer toward your client’s success. Quality mentorship exists, and it is achievable. The first step toward your success is finding it.


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